How to Prepare a Loan Package For a Bank Or Lender

A loan package is typically used for real estate development projects and acquisitions, but there are parts of the package which are applicable to the other types of business and commercial loans and finance. If you are seeking a loan or funding from a commercial or business lender or funding from a venture capital firm or investor, it is important to present a well organized, detailed loan package. The package gives the loan officer, investor or venture capitalist the necessary information to gauge the viability of your loan or finance request, and in turn, providing you a loan term sheet and commitment. All lenders and funding sources have different requirements, so customize your finance package to their parameters.Loan packages can be voluminous and paper intensive so it is important that it is well organized with a detailed table of contents and alphabetical tabs indicating different sections. This way the loan officer can easily find the necessary information in the package when analyzing and assessing your loan qualification and the resulting terms.The loan package should be bound in paper form, scanned to a disk and available for online download. If you are mailing to the Loan Officer a paper copy be sure to include the package on a disk as well. This way the lender can print out different sections for various loan committee members and decision makers. The disk should be well organized, with each section of the loan package as a separate, labeled folder, all presented in the order indicated in the table of contents, which should be the first folder on the disk.Preceding the loan package document is a loan summary, two to three pages in length, which summarizes the important parts of your loan or finance request. The loan summary is the first section in the loan package and can also be used as a standalone document to generate and gauge interest in your project. If used as a standalone, it should be accompanied by an executive summary. The loan summary is to a loan package what an executive summary is to a business plan, a summary of the key aspects and facts of the overall loan package. For this reason, the summary should be developed after the loan package is completed.Below you will find a suggested format for the loan summary and package. Amend them to suit your particular project and funding request.Suggested Loan Summary Format – company information, project description, company and project principals experience summary, sources and uses of funds, requested loan terms, summary of assets and collateral, project financial summary, current company and project financial summarySuggested Loan Package Format – table of contents; loan summary; company and project information, contact details and history; principals backgrounds, experience and resumes; key project employees, executives and managers experience and responsibilities; company and project organizational chart; company registration; project description; project pictures and renderings; key roles and relationships – company, strategic partners, third parties and government; sources and uses of funds; company and project collateral, assets, liens and loans; schedule of real estate; rent roll; company and principals credit standing and credit reports; principals and company financial statements; company balance sheet; project budget; company and project cash flow statements; pre-sale commitments; project appraisals and valuations; project studies, feasibility studies, business plan, consulting studies and engineering studies; project proposals and contracts, lease agreements and escrow agreements; title policies; annual reports; tax returns – personal and business; project strategic plan and time line; project construction plans, specifications, drawings, surveys and maps; project construction cost breakdown; construction cash and finance disbursement schedule; project construction cash flow statement; project and company advisors, consultants, contractors, construction team, legal firms, accounting firms and engineering firms; appendixGood luck with your funding initiative!

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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Visual SLAM Technology Benefits and Applications

Visual Simultaneous Localization and mapping is a process that determines the orientation and position of a sensor as far its surroundings are concerned. At the same time, it performs the mapping of the environment around the sensor. As far as commercialization is concerned, this technology is still in its period of infancy. The good thing is that it claims to address the shortcomings of navigation and vision systems. Let’s find out more about the benefits and applications of this system.First of all, it is important to remember that SLAM is not the name of a specific piece of software or algorithm. As a matter of fact, it represents the process that determines the orientation and position of a sensor.SLAM technology is of various types. Many of them don’t use a camera but refers to a system that taps into the power of 3D vision in order to perform mapping and location functions. You can find this technology in different forms. However, the overall concept is the same in all systems.How visual SLAM Technology Works In most visual SLAM systems, the tracking of set points is done through camera frames. The purpose is to triangulate the 3D position. At the same time, it uses the given information in order to get approximate repose from the camera.Primarily, the goal of the systems is to perform the mapping of the surroundings with respect to the location for easy navigation. It can be done through one 3D vision camera. If enough points are tracked, it is possible to track the sensor orientation and the physical environment around it.New alarm systems can help reduce reproduction errors with the help of an algorithm known as bundle adjustment. Basically, these systems work in real-time. Therefore, both mapping data and education data go through bundle adjustment at the same time. This helps boost processing speeds prior to their ultimate merger.Applications that use Visual SLAM In the near future, SLAM will become an important component of augmented reality. With SLAM, an accurate projection of virtual images requires precision-based mapping of the physical environment. Therefore, virtual SLAM technology can provide the accuracy of this level.The good thing is that these systems are deployed in a lot of field robots, such as rovers and lenders that are used to explore Mars. They are used in order to control the way your SLAM systems work for autonomous navigation.Similarly, this technology is used in drones and field robots. Autonomous vehicles can use the systems in order to map and understand the world around them. In the future, SLAM systems can take the place of GPS navigation and tracking. The reason is that these systems offer much better accuracy than GPS.Long story short, this was an introduction to the benefits and applications of the Visual SLAM technology. I hope that this article will help you get a deeper understanding of the system.

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Affordable Health Insurance

As health insurance costs are increasing we have to take more responsibility for our medical insurance coverage. With health insurance cost rising health insurance companies are constantly coming out with new health plans. New plans offer you flexibility to customize your own medical plan. Most health plans in the past were pre packaged health coverage plans and we ended up paying for things we never use. We know that car insurance offers us flexibility to where you can pick your limits deductibles and the types of coverage that you want. It seemed that with medical coverage it took at while for health insurance companies to realize that is how they can stay competitive. The world of five dollar co pays and no deductible plans are over. Most of us and our parents come from the world where large companies paid for their insurance plans. Large companies do have advantage of numbers; more people are part of the group the more insurance companies are competing for their business.First I want to address or medical insurance quote shopping. If you are looking for some great deal a plan that covers everything for small monthly premium you are going to get scammed. Health insurance prices are insurance prices no matter what insurance company you go with. The main difference how insurance companies compete with offering more affordable healthcare is by being more creative in their plan design. Stays away from “good deals” in health insurance, chances are the plans are not going to cover anything when you have claim. Then you will end up with bills from the hospital and your medical insurance premiums.Health insurance companies like Assurant Health underwritten by Time Insurance offer health plans where you design your own plan. It is one of the only large reputable health insurance companies to offer customizable health plans. They offer five plan designs two of them are Health Savings Account qualified health plans and the other health plans are your standard PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). What makes Assurant Health unique is that every type of plan give you opportunity to customize that plan by choosing co-pay or no co-pay option, choice of deductible, prescription drug coverage deductible, dental discount plan or dental insurance and some plan specific options. If you are looking for simple to use and simple to understand HSA account plans, Assurant is one of the first companies to offer HSA plans.When designing your own medical plan keep in mind of your previous healthcare usage. Choosing deductible for your health insurance plans will make the largest difference in your monthly price. Keep in mind in most cases deductible applies only to when you are hospitalized. That meant when you are admitted to the hospital. Most health insurance plans will cover you doctor visits, physical exams, prescriptions drugs and your lab work with a co-pay before you meet the deductible. If you choose a high deductible plan and something does happen to you that you end up in the hospital for something major and you do not have money at the time to cover your deductible. Every hospital will work with you by offering you payment methods. This way you can take as much time to pay off that deductible. Therefore it does not make any sense in most cases not choosing a plan with high deductible. Get health plans with high deductible and you are going to save thousands on your healthcare. Some companies like Assurant Health offer you option to where if you choose a health plans with deductible of thirty five hundred of higher you automatically qualify for two year rate guarantee. Save money monthly and avoid rate increased. Just with little knowledge and understanding of how health plan works you save thousands with the health coverage that you need.

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Need to Recycle Automotive Fluids

Over the years automotive recycling has developed into a big industry. This is because technological developments have given rise to processes which have made it possible to recycle most parts of a car. These days every part such as plastics, glass, different parts, fluids used in a car is recycled.Most of the fluids used in cars need proper disposal. This is because if they leak into the environment, they can cause serious damage. The reason is that they contain toxic chemicals.Let us see various fluids that are used in a car and their impact on the environment:Engine Oil:Internal combustion engines of automobiles need frequent changes of oil and oil filter. If we consider the number of cars on road, you can imagine the quantity of waste engine oil that is generated. But fortunately, engine oil can be recycled. You can remove used oil from your car and give it away to a recycling center. You can replace used oil with fresh oil.Antifreeze:Antifreeze should not be allowed to escape into the environment. This is because it is toxic and it could mix with underground water. The antifreeze water is sweet to taste and can be consumed by children and animals. This is hazardous for health. The good news is that there are processes to recycle antifreeze.Anti-transmission fluid (ATF):If this fluid is released into the environment, it causes severe damage. It seeps into the soil contaminating it. Animals and insects consume it and die. This affects the food cycle and negatively impacts the ecosystem. These pollutants make their way into the water supply also. This adversely affects the life of aquatic creatures. Recyclers collect used ATF so that it does not get leaked into the environment.Brake Fluid:Brake fluid contains glycols, solvents, and heavy metals. It is also flammable. Hence, it should be carefully disposed of.Windshield washer fluid:This fluid is toxic in nature since it contains methanol, detergent, and water. It should not be mixed with other automotive fluids.Fluids can easily leak into the environment causing irreparable damage. Hence, we should all make a conscious effort to ensure that this leakage is avoided. Since there are recycling centers to recycle most of these toxic fluids, we should do our bit for disposing of them.We can collect used fluids in containers and give them away at recycling centers. However, we need to ensure that we collect the different fluids separately. Safe disposal of automotive fluids is a great service to mankind.

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